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5 May 1982
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Gemma, 26, South Yorkshire

80s cartoons, america, anne of green gables, arctic monkeys, bill bailey, billie joe armstrong, blackadder, bob dylan, bridget jones, butterflies, camping, care bears, celtic, chocolate, countryside, dave spikey, dawsons creek, dinosaurs, disney, doncaster, donnie darko, douglas adams, dragons, dreaming, dressing-up, dvds, ebay, eddie izzard, elves, emo, england, eyeliner, faeries, fairies, fanfiction, father ted, flowers, friends, frou frou, gaelic, garden state, geeks, george harrison, gigs, glitter, goonies, green day, guitars, harry potter, heath ledger, hello kitty, hippies, his dark materials, holes, i ♥ huckabees, i capture the castle, ireland, jack sparrow, jane austen, jimmy eat world, jk rowling, john lennon, johnny depp, kaiser chiefs, kevin smith, kitties, knights templar, labyrinth, lager, less than jake, little britain, lord of the rings, lost, magic, max and paddy, medieval, monty python, movies, muppets, music festivals, musicals, my little pony, narnia, ned kelly, neil gaiman, new zealand, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, nofx, northern lights, peter kay, phoenix nights, photography, piercings, pink, pirates, placebo, pride and prejudice, princess bride, punk, rainbows, rancid, reading, retro, reverend and the makers, ricky wilson, rik mayall, rock, rotherham, samwise gamgee, saves the day, saxons, scotland, sean bean, sheffield, shopping, sirius black, sleeping, south yorkshire, spaced, stars, storms, sunshine, tattoos, terry pratchett, the beatles, the internet, the killers, the league of gentleman, the office, the shins, the smiths, the young ones, thinking, tolkien, travelling, vikings, vintage, vintage clothing, vodka, walking, waynes world, willow, world, yorkshire, zach braff